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As seen in my recent "Christian" schlock catalog . . .

March 31, 2009

Put that DVD player to spiritual use with Praise Moves, the “Christian Alternative to Yoga.”

I’d love to link to this product at (my normal book seller of choice), but their DVD selection really stinks.

(This is an intentional break with my normal practice to refrain from sarcastic posts, since sarcasm rarely translates well on the internet. Hopefully this disclaimer will abate some of that confusion.)

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  1. Chris Ames permalink
    April 6, 2009 10:47 pm

    Well Ryan, I’m confused despite the well-tooled disclaimer. When I was a charismatic, yoga gave you demons because it was Eastern mysticism, just like listening to Yanni and eating at some Chinese restaurants: they all gave you demons.

    Now yoga is being marketed in the Corinthian shambles known as Christian bookstores? !

    I can only conjecture two solutions, since for sure no Christian bookstore would sell anything that would give you demons. (I think they try to do the opposite.)

    Either the charismatics lied about yoga, Yanni, and Chinese restaurants giving you demons, OR Eastern mysticism no longer gives you demons if it is marketed through the Christian bookstore.

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