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Richard Weaver on culture

October 9, 2007

Richard Weaver said,

It should be more widely appreciated that culture is an intermediary between man and his highest vocation, which in some form or other is a matter of the spirit. but it is not the nature of the mass of men to be spiritual at every moment in the saint’s way. Part of their devoir they can pay through due observance of and due tribute to the forms of their culture. These, in their various manifestations, are daily reminders that men are something more than eating, defecating, and mating animals. There is always in cultural observance a little gesture of piety, a recognition that there are higher demands on man along with the lower. While culture is not a worship and should not be made a worship, it is a kind of irenting of the mind toward a mood, a reverence for the spirit on secular occasions (Visions of Order [repr. Wilmington, Del.: ISI, 1995] 152-53)

I think Weaver is right. Our culture gives our world meaning. Culture in this sense is the manifestation of one’s religion.

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  1. October 9, 2007 3:14 pm

    Nicely stated. It is now an interesting question to consider what we worship in North America. It seems our religion is perhaps one that worships youth, wealth, sex and violence. At least these seem to be the big icons in our culture/religion.

  2. Bob Meredith permalink
    November 13, 2007 7:20 am

    I think we worship man. Our churches are formed to bring men in, and it is generally not to hear God, but to make us (Ministers and their families) more comfortable in our ministry lifestyle. The more money we can bring in, the more we can make and command and control and the more secure our jobs are. So, we worship and adore the needs of man and we adjust what we do to meet the needs of men. I short, our treasure drives our worship.

    Sorry for the late comment.

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