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Tozer on amusement and entertainment

June 30, 2006

In his 47th sermon on John, “Let not your heart be troubled,”* Tozer has a few good things to say about amusement and entertainment.

I believe that amusements were created by the devil to take the minds of dying men off of their dying. I believe that entertainment and amusements are the work of the enemy to keep dying men from knowing they’re denying and to keep men who are enemies of God from remembering they are enemies. . . . Fallen human nature plus the work of the devil have given us something to keep us thinking harmless thoughts and pleasant thoughts in order that we might not settle the matter of eternal soul welfare. The man who comes home at night, God in heaven knows, and nobody else does, that just three weeks away is a coronary thrombosis that will drop him on the sidewalk. God knows it and he doesn’t and his family doesn’t. If he knew it, he’d be calling in the preacher and reading his Bible and getting straight with God. And why isn’t he going to call anybody and get right with God? Too many funny things on the radio, too many funny things on T.V., too many Life magazines, too many comic strips, too many things that he can do! Too many bowling clubs, too many theaters, too many night ball-games, too much everything to take his mind off the fact that his troubles are real and that the agitation and disharmony and discord within him are the result of his fall and his sin. . . . Now if that’s radicalism, you can quote me, I don’t care. I believe that.

Later, along similar lines, he says of the music current at that time,

And is my conviction that much of the love of music in the day in which we live—certain kinds of music particularly—is nothing, and can be explained only, as an escape from themselves.


*The Christian Missionary Alliance site has this note concerning this audio file: ©2005 Tozer Sermons, The Christian and Missionary Alliance. All rights reserved. The Tozer audio sermons are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Downloading, reproducing or mastering the files, either manually or electronically, for commercial use or resale purposes is strictly forbidden. Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited by law and all rights are reserved by The Christian and Missionary Alliance.

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